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Entertainment For The Braindead unofficial website

Some weeks ago I designed the unofficial website of Entertainment For The Braindead (aka EFTB), a great artist from Germany who released a couple of Creative Commons albums (By-Nc-Sa most of the time). In november I discovered that the official website was gone, as well as the pages on bandcamp, twitter, etc. So I decided to archive everything I can find and release all the music I had on a quick-n-dirty website, under http://eftb.eu/. Just some screenshots from the design, which is using web fonts and text-shadow which are quite well supported nowadays:

And the player, using the Flash MP3 player I made two years ago, which is easily scriptable with Javascript. The glowing playing icon in the white globe is achieved with a very simple trick, the background image is actually partially transparent (on the globe), and the playing icon is positioned below the background and its opacity is increased and decreased with a simple script interval. I could have used multiple backgrounds but thats not really supported properly everywhere for now, in SVG it wouldn't have been better and a lot of browsers still don't support SVG as CSS background (like gecko and webkit engines, actually webkit does but it's having some bugs), canvas would have been too much just for that, and well CSS animations syntax is just awful. So, here it is :

If you don't know this artist, go straight to the website, listen and download the albums (for free, and as always, I never put any ad or tracking on my websites), you'll be amazed by those songs which can be compared to CocoRosie in a way.

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