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That's not copycat, that's copyheart.

In reply to http://www.alexwisephotography.net/blog/2014/02/02/outlook-for-2014-the-year-of-the-copy-cats/

It’s the same in every form of art: nobody ever creates something really new, he or she just makes the same thing someone already did, just a bit differently. It happened to me as I one time heard the exact same music I composed a couple of years ago. This music was never even published, but I was still listening to it from time to time. So how could someone just copy my music? He didn’t, he just created it, he just have created the exact same music I had composed. How strange but still it makes it clear that photography is even worse from this point of view. Every scene is the same, and often the angle is the same, but the day is different, the landscape has changed, and most importantly the photographer is not the same and doesn’t feel the same as you at the time he’s taking the picture. That’s what’s the most important to me: it’s not to create something new, it’s just to create something at all, with your mind and with your heart. That’s not copycat, that’s copyheart.

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